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Kanger, Megan. An Analysis of the Episodic Writing Process. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Megan Kanger 2023.


Writing for an episodic series vastly differs from writing for a short film. This essay explores the major differences between writing a short film in contrast to writing an episodic series and how these differences impact the writing process. The essay examines the topic by breaking down my own experience writing an episodic series and the key findings I uncovered throughout that process. I describe my series, Scythe, and the central themes and characters that encompass the series. With a central theme of death, I describe how I worked to establish an emotional tonal balance between drama and humor within my writing. The overall goal is to break down the episodic process in order to utilize it in my own writing. I start by stating the research I conducted on writers who have successfully written an episodic series and examining their method. I analyze produced episodic series and discuss how the process is successfully utilized. Comparing my experience writing short films with my experience writing an episodic series, I describe how writing for an episodic requires a different level of preparation than writing for short film. In addition, I elaborate on the three major formats of episodic series: procedural, serialized, or hybrid. The style of the series impacts the way the story is written and alters the progression of the story. Overall, the key differences between writing an episodic series and a short film are tied to the beginning approach, the format of the piece, and the method of developing the story arc through the written work.