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Spring 3-12-2023


Evans, B. J. 2023. Divination. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Brannon Evans 2023.


This document details my time developing a cross-discipline devised theatre experience. The piece explores the various ways we interact with technology. The start of the process was fueled by one simple question: “What can multi faceted collaboration look like (between peers– not just across disciplines, but through an equally shared devising process)?” Through this documentation, I will be able to reflect upon and learn from my experience as a facilitator, actor, and theatre maker.

This thesis will be broken into six different parts to outline the six stages I underwent while creating the piece: developing the team, source material exploration, devising process, barriers, pivot and the finished devised piece (prior to the actual performance). I will touch on the successes and redirections I experienced while creating this piece and my hopes for when it is actually performed.

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