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Spring 3-13-2023


Hajduch, LJ, Isaac Hansen, Jeff Schroeder, Hozhin Sleman, Ben Wortman. Midwest Roadside Safety Facility Expansion for Enhanced Research Capabilities. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Joseph (LJ) Hajduch, Isaac Hansen, Jeff Schroeder, Hozhin Sleman, and Ben Wortman 2023.


As Civil Engineering students, this group was tasked with designing and proposing an engineering solution to a real-world problem. In this case, the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility in Lincoln, Nebraska was looking for a planned proposal to add an additional building to their property for the purpose of additional research and office space. The group decided on the name Zana Engineering – Zana translating to “highly educated” in Kurmanji – to function as the organization responsible for creating this proposal and presentation. Zana Engineering designed this plan on several key factors, most significantly utility, affordability, safety, sustainability, functionality, longevity, and the possibility of future expansion. In order to fully analyze the scope of this project, the team utilized various site and soil profiles, maps, and multiple design manuals. Additionally, the team utilized AutoCAD 3D and Revit software to create the proposed designs. The team found that the ideal solution was to create a three-story multifunctional complex with a basement. The design incorporates design and research space for graduate students, office space for employees and faculty, a viewing deck for crash testing, and additional storage space. The building is located on the Northwest corner of the Lincoln Airport, with additional open space to the North and West of the proposed location to allow for future expansion. The total cost of the project was estimated to be $23,960,550 completed in roughly 18 months.