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Spring 5-2023


Yizerwe, Regis. A New Method For Reducing Salmonella in Poultry Meat. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023.


Copyright Regis Yizerwe 2023


An important approach to decreasing the transmission of Salmonella into the food chain is to treat raw chicken after processing. This can be, and has been done, by using antibiotics and chemical disinfectants. Using antibiotics is not a viable option due to the issue of antimicrobial resistance. Although some chemical disinfectants have been used effectively, they are restricted due to the amounts that can be used safely, the acceptance of their use and resistance to implementation in various parts of the world. This study has revealed that using a naturally occurring saponin–Quillaja Saponaria– in small concentrations under certain conditions of heat and exposure time is extremely effective in killing Salmonella spp.