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Spring 5-20-2023


Mansinghani, Nikita. A Comparative Study on the Design typology of Dense, High-rise Housing. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2023


Copyright Nikita Mansinghani 2023.


The three case studies are multi-unit residential buildings located in three vastly different European cities and designed in different times periods of architectural transformations and technology help us understand the value and development of these units and the significance of them in the future design typologies. The understanding of housing complex has been occupied with the exercise of control as a design tool for demarcating variation to further the purpose of housing and shift in approaches from typical architecture to non-standard creative practices, this article focuses on three precedents: the Unite de habitation, VM houses and The Whale. The three case studies have influenced one another and helped improve conditions for social housing, recognizing the need for housing, privacy as well as community engagement. The goal of this project is to analyze the three design processes used by designers and compare these typologies to understand the variety of housing units that benefit various user groups. These design decisions are made according to the economic, social and environmental factors of the site as well as the city’s needs.The method used in this research is a diagrammatic understandings of how these forms of building typologies come together in order to function as a whole or individual units. These typologies can be iterative and help develop new ideas to design solutions. The future of dense high-rise housing is the crucial to the needs of the generations to come. Some building tectonics have been successful in the past whereas some did not meet the needs of the time. These notions can be applied to various projects. The private and public aspect of unite, VM houses and The Whale bring new opportunities for the future of high-dense housing typology by the strategies of creating joyful open communal spaces connected the urbanities of the city.