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Spring 5-8-2023


Curnes, A., Dirks, J., Hohn, C., Kreun, A., Royal, T., Zadalis, J., 2023. Airbnb Strategic Audit Overview. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Andrea Curnes, Audrey Kreun, Tyler Royal, Jacob Zadalis, Cody Hohn, and Jason Dirks 2023.


This study provides an overview of Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term rentals and experiences. It highlights the company's history, business strategies, value chain, acquisitions, code of ethical conduct, and organizational structure. With a Blue Ocean strategy combining differentiation and cost leadership, Airbnb has achieved remarkable success, boasting a valuation of over $67B and generating annual revenue exceeding $1.5B. The company's unique business model involves participating in all parts of the value chain, and it has expanded geographically through acquisitions and product market expansion. Airbnb's code of ethics reflects its core values, and its organizational structure fosters flexibility and remote work options. Overall, the company incentivizes performance through cash bonuses and equity- based compensation plans.