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Spring 5-16-2023


Washington, Keyaun. Modern Practices for Responsive Web Design and Web Accessibility. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 16 May 2023.


Copyright Keyaun Washington 2023.


Responsive web design and web accessibility play crucial roles in ensuring an optimal user experience on the web. By designing websites with responsiveness and accessibility in mind, more opportunities are opened up for a wider audience to access and interact with our content. Through modern practices, responsive web design allows websites to reach several different devices ranging from compact smartwatches to expansive television screens. Designing for accessibility provides accommodations for individuals with impairments while also providing benefits for individuals without impairments. However, designing for responsiveness and accessibility can present challenges; a poor attempt at providing accessibility features can worsen a user’s experience. It is vital that a website is designed properly to ensure usability for all users.