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Spring 4-2018


Fishburn, G. (2018, April). Strategic Audit of National Instruments.


Copyright Grant Fishburn 2018


The research and analyses compiled in this paper provide a holistic view into the current situation that National Instruments faces as a company and what strategies it can take to overcome current and pressing issues. The goal of the audit is to determine a strategic recommendation for National Instruments that will achieve any number of goals and objectives set by the auditor in accordance to the situation at hand. In addition to this strategic recommendation, an implementation and contingency plan are developed to further expand upon how such a strategy would be created in the real world. The strategic recommendation and corresponding plans have been crafted through extensive background research of National Instruments in combination with various tools such as a SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces to analyze the current state of National Instruments. Through analysis and extensive thought regarding possible alternatives, this paper concluded that investing in 5G Test & Measurement development was of highest importance to overcome the low net income issues that National Instruments currently faces.