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Neal, C. 2019. An evaluation of police interviewing methods: A psychological perspective. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Copyright Cassandra Neal 2019.


This paper discusses false confessions and memory’s fallibility and how they can decrease the reliability of an investigative interview. In an effort to remedy this issue, the three most popular interview techniques utilized by police officers during an investigation were examined to decipher which one elicits the most reliable testimony. In order to determine which of the three methods out of the Reid Technique, Cognitive Interview, and PEACE Method is the most reliable, literature on the different techniques was examined to see which method resulted in the most accurate information, free from false statements. As a result of this evaluation, the PEACE Method was found to be the most reliable of the interview methods, enabling police officers to gather testimonies with a great amount of detail, without having to diminish the statement’s accuracy. However, the PEACE Method is not perfect, so recommendations for ways to improve the method were also made.

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