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Published in Hopi Nation: Essays on Indigenous Art, Culture, History, and Law, edited by Edna Glenn, John R. Wunder, Willard Hughes Rollings, and C. L. Martin (Lincoln, NE: UNL Digital Commons, 2008). Copyright © 2008 the Estates of Edna Glenn, Willard Hughes Rollings, and Abbott Sekaquaptewa, and Barton Wright, Michael Kabotie, Terrance Talaswaima, Alice Schlegel, Robert H. Ames, Peter Iverson, and John R. Wunder. All images and artwork are copyright by the individual artists; for a listing see pages 9-14.


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Preface by Edna Glenn, Texas Tech University and John R. Wunder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Hopi Nation reminds itself daily that it is “at the center” of life on the arid mesas of the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. It has been doing so for over 1000 years, and it will likely do so for many centuries to come. Hopi life is not an easy life, but it is a full and rewarding life. Read this book and enjoy a visual and intellectual celebration of the Hopi Nation.