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Published in Domestic Animal Endocrinology 21 (2001) 55–72.


The endometrium of the pig produces two types of folate binding proteins (FBP) which, based on their sequences, are likely to be membrane (m) and secreted (s) forms. A clone containing both a gene coding for the sFBP cDNA and a gene coding for the mFBP was isolated from a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) library. Each gene was subcloned and sequenced. The gene for sFBP spanned 4.4 kbp and included 5 exons. The mFBP gene spanned 7.0 kbp and also contained 5 exons. Structures of the genes were very similar for the last three exons, and this similarity was shared with other known FBP/folate receptor (FR) gene sequences. Unexpectedly, portions of introns 3 and 4 of both genes were highly homologous, suggesting the possibility that sequences within these introns served some as yet unknown function. In contrast, the structures of the 59 exons differed between the two genes and other known FBP/FR genes. Comparison of putative promoter regions for the two genes with promoter regions for human FBP/FR genes revealed significant sequence homology between sFBP and human gFBP and between mFBP and human aFR. These regions of homology may play a role in control of transcription of each gene.