Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at the University of Nebraska


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Presented at Second Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, October 2010. Copyright 2010 Kiril Sharapov.


Trafficking in Human Beings:
- Part of the larger system of exploitation of bodies and labour of others for the benefit of capitalist economies driven by consumption
- Reflects the working of the power relations of the neo-liberal capitalist dominance
- Reflects deep philosophical and practical contradictions between sustainability, respect for human rights and capitalism‟s mode of production
- Is a symptom of the larger system of globalised exploitation of gendered and radicalised labour.
- Cannot be eliminated on a symptomatic level
- A long lasting solution: tighter state regulation of labour practices and critical consciousness among members of the general public attuned to local socioeconomic and political contexts