Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at the University of Nebraska


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The Department of State is required by law to submit a Report each year to the U.S. Congress on foreign governments’ efforts to eliminate severe forms of traffi cking in persons. This Report is the eighth annual TIP Report. It is intended to raise global awareness, to highlight efforts of the international community, and to encourage foreign governments to take effective actions to counter all forms of traffi cking in persons.

Introduction 4-37 The 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report 5-18
Purpose 5
Human Trafficking Defined 6
The Scope and Nature of Modern-Day Slavery 7
Focus of the 2008 TIP Report 8
Methodology 11
Major Forms of Trafficking in Persons 19-28
Forced Labor 19
Bonded Labor 19
Debt Bondage and Involuntary Servitude Among Migrant Laborers 20
Involuntary Domestic Servitude 21
Forced Child Labor 21
Child Soldiers 21
Sex Trafficking and Prostitution 23
Children Exploited for Commercial Sex 24
Child Sex Tourism 24
Punishing Trafficking Offenders Adequately 25
Protecting Victims Adequately 27
Prevention: Spotlight on Addressing Demand 28
Importance of Research 32
Democracy and Human Trafficking 34
Global Law Enforcement Data 37
Commendable Initiatives Around the World 38-39
2008 TIP Report Heroes 40-43
Tier Placements/Maps 44-50
U.S. Government Domestic Anti-Trafficking Efforts 51
Country Narratives 52-292