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Published in Human-Wildlife Conflicts Volume 1, Number 2, Page 279, Fall 2007. Published and copyright by the Jack H. Berryman Institute. http://www.berrymaninstitute.org/journal/index.html


Joe and Glen you could depend on
Along the river and the breaks
In rough country and wild weather
They’d be the ones you’d take

Pure poetry in motion
As across the hills they’d fly
Excitement in the hunt
And the freedom of the sky

We’ll pick up the radio
And try to call -‘57’
It’s then that it will hit us
As we gaze into the heavens

Whenever we hear the engine
Of a plane in distant sky
We’ll stop and reminisce
Of our friends that’s gone by

The sheep herds move to higher ground
With coyotes soon to follow
The wind will blow and bring a chill
Leavin’ an emptiness that’s hard to swallow

Their memories we’ll cherish
As we load the truck each morn’
They’re the ones we’ll long for
As we ride out in the storm