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In challenging economic times, every dollar needs to be spent wisely. This may be a time when decisions are made to wait for another year to plant trees. However, the money trees save through energy savings, increased property values and environmental benefits means tree planting is a wise economic choice for today.

With the last Friday of April being Arbor Day, make plans for tree planting. Select the right tree for the location and use good tree planting and tree care practices to save money at planting time so a tree will help save money long into the future.

Select trees adapted to the growing environment of the location and avoid planting a problem tree. When looking at price tags, it may be tempting to buy a less expensive tree species. This may be fine, but avoid buying a problem tree. Ask about a trees characteristics and common problems it may have.

For example, pin oaks tend to develop chlorosis in Nebraska due to high pH soils. These oaks often require iron treatments to maintain vigor and appearance. Not only is this an added expense, but an untreated tree can decrease property values from reduced aesthetics and shade. Check out ReTree Nebraska at Nebraska Forest Service ( for a list of recommended trees.

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