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Leland Tong

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Presented at Nebraska Biodiesel Industry Development Seminar, “Strategically Locating Soybean and Biodiesel Processing Facilities in Nebraska,” in August 2006.


Increasing OEM Support
Inquiries & Sales Up in All Markets
Demand Trends
US Biodiesel Demand
Reasons for Industry Growth
Ranked Importance of Biodiesel Benefits for U.S. Consumers
US Crude Oil, Diesel Fuel and Biodiesel Spot Prices
Biodiesel and Diesel Prices
Biodiesel Blenders Tax Credit
Renewable Fuel Standard
Small Agri Biodiesel Producer Credit
Alt Fuel Refueling Infrastructure Credit
Distribution Locations
Terminal Blending
Production Locations
Industry Plant Size
Plants Under Construction & Expansion
Size of Plants Under Construction & Expansion
Production Capacity by State
Production Capacity Trends
Industry Implications
Soybean oil, Palm Oil and Yellow Grease Prices
USDA Soybean Oil Price and Ending Stock Projections
Feedstock Pricing Trends
Glycerin Trends