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International Coalition for Multilingual Education and Equity (ICMEE)


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In this packet, we have included the following activities: - Create a Buddy. This is the first activity in the packet and is intended to help your student have someone to talk to about the work they are doing in the packet. We have included images of potential “buddies” that your student can choose from. We suggest they choose a buddy and add features and color to the buddy however they would like. They should also name their buddy. Throughout the packet activities, your student will be told to talk to their buddy or even to ask their buddy questions. This buddy is so your student can work independently without needing your time and attention to be successful with the packet. But we also encourage your student to talk with you or other family members as they are available. Further, your student could pick a stuffed animal or doll or something else as their buddy. They don’t have to use one of the buddies we offer. But they should plan for who their buddy will be each time they work on the packet (one of our buddies, someone in your family/home, a doll they already have, etc.). This might be something they will need your help understanding.

Dictionary. Each day we hope that your student will engage with words they find interesting and want to keep track of. At the end of the packet are pages for your student to keep their own dictionary. We encourage students to use these pages to keep track of words they like or find interesting. We also encourage students to use any language they would like as well as pictures to help them remember what the words mean.

Journal. Each day students have a short prompt that they can respond to. Students should be encouraged to write in any language (or combination of languages) that they feel most inclined to. They can also use pictures as appropriate. We hope these journal prompts will also be points of conversation for your student with their buddy. –

The packet for grades 2-3, please remember that students/families can use the language they find most comfortable using, whether that is your home language or English. The packet can be completed with the help of a family member or friend. Practice the vocabulary everyday with the vocabulary games we have recommended or any vocabulary game of your choice. Last, do the best you can. This packet is for fun and education! It is not meant to cause frustration. We hope you enjoy learning together!