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Journal of Chromatographic Science, Vol. 37, January 1999


A reversed-phase solid-phase extraction–gas chromatography (SPE–GC)–electron capture detection method is developed to quantitate individual rethrin residues in pyrethrum-exposed brown tree snakes. Aliquots (6 g) of homogenized snake tissue are extracted with 10 mL acetonitrile. The rethrins are recovered from the acetonitrile extract and concentrated using C8 SPE. The rethrins are eluted from the SPE column with pentane, evaporated to near dryness, and reconstituted to 1 mL with 1-propanol. Individual rethrins are quantitated using GC analysis of the 1-propanol solution. Method limits of detection for rethrins range from 0.63 to 6.51 ng/g. The mean recovery for all rethrins is 70.8% with a standard deviation of 5.7%. This method is used to successfully quantitate incurred rethrin residues in pyrethrum-exposed brown tree snakes.