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September 1964



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U. S. Fish a Wildlife Service, Ohio Pest Control Association, Toledo Department of Health, Economic Biology Curriculum, Bowling Green State University
Note to the reader:
These proceedings were taken "verbatium" on stenotype machine by the Hammock, Pace, and LaMotte Company of Columbus, Ohio. Several of the speakers did not use prepared texts, and one session made extensive use of slides. Therefore, many parts of the proceedings make somewhat unusual or seemingly disjointed reading. This is caused by the fact that we are unable to incorporate inflec¬tions of voice, mood, tone, visual aids, or pauses in the printed page. For the same reasons sentences in some parts may seem long and poorly punctuated. Speaking and writing for public consumption are both arts; but obviously we frequently use two separate and distinct styles of communication. Some of the best speeches do not appear orderly on paper, because most of the color is lost. We have used editorial privileges of altering actual presentations in order to import intended meanings. Our apologies to the excellent speakers. In some cases long rambling sentences have been broken or punctuation has been inserted. No attempt was made to correct grammatical errors, and the reader often will find that pronouns do not refer to the antecedent noun. Several speakers asked and were granted the opportunity to revise or edit the ori¬ginal transcript. If the reader wants to get the jokes and aside comments, he should make reservation for the 1966 Seminar.
Mrs. Marilyn Hall, Secretary to the Seminar
John ft. Beck and William B. Jackson, editors