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September 1966


I'm going to deviate a little bit from what's been said. I'd like to read to you first of all a Good Practice Statement for Bird Management that was accepted by the National Pest Control Association in the past year, 1965. I think it's important for all the people here, realizing that some of you are suppliers, some of you are from regulatory agencies, some of you are in the bird management business, and others are in¬terested in this field in many other ways. It's important for us to realize, all of us, that this field is just in the embryonic stage. We're just beginning to get the surface scratched. Any more when you travel and talk to people, the subject of bird control comes up. Now and then you find somebody who had read something about it or has become interested in it, and up to this time, many hadn't realized there was such a thing as pest bird management. We feel that it is of utmost importance that each of us know what are the federal, state and local laws in order that we can operate con¬sistently within their limits. And really the limits are broad enough for us to operate without too much difficulty. The laws do concern the hazard and public safety of our nation. General Statement: Good Practices in Bird Management As Revised and Accepted by the NPCA Bird Management Committee, October 20, 1965