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October 1973


Four (4) major bird control methods are presently registered: (1) Bird repellents (2) Stomach distress repellents (3) Contact poisons (4) Stomach poisons Seven hundred and sixty seven (767) companies out of 1800 NPCA members indicate they are engaged in bird control. This number will undoubtedly grow for birds do constitute a health, economic and nuisance problem. The amended FIFRA Act will undoubtedly have an effect on bird control methods. More restrictions will probably be placed on such poisonous materials as endrin and strychnine. If endrin is allowable, “perch” use will be the only methods, strychnine will probably be greatly restricted. The use of bird repellents will probably be our major method of control with more use in chemosterilants. The growth of bird control, however, is assured. The need exists and regulatory officials will insist that this need be satisfied by professionals. We enter into an improved market but one in which we must exercise extreme caution.