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October 2003


Type E Botulism in Fish-Eating Birds on Lake Huron and Lake Erie 1998-2003
Chronic Wasting Disease in free-ranging cervids in western Canada
Esophageal Lesions in Crows
Surplus killing of roseate terns and common terns by a mink
West Nile Virus infection in Québec Raptors : 2003 season
Mortality in Great Black-Backed Gulls near Presqu'ile
Type E Botulism Update
West Nile Virus Update
Adenovirus Encephalitis in a Wild Fox
Newcastle Disease Virus in Double-crested Cormorants in Alberta and Saskatchewan in 2003
West Nile Virus in Sage Grouse
The Research Group for Arctic Parasitology (RGAP), November 2003
Death of a Grizzly Bear caused by capture and handling
Diagnosing Disease in Wild Animals. February 25-27, 2004, Saskatoon, SK