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November 1996


Park Service Thwarts Cat Allies, by Marilyn Davis, Native Species Network, Bodega Bay, California
Jim Miller Elected VP of Wildlife Society
ADC Aerial Hunting Accident Kills 2
Obituary: Carl R. Gustavson
HSUS Former Employee File Lawsuits
Rats Shut Down Internet at Stanford
Call for Papers: A Symposium on Mammal Trapping August 1997 in Edmonton, Alberta
Fur in Cyberspace: The Fur Institute of Canada announces it has established a site on the World Wide Web, at the following address: http://www.fur.ca.
Book Review: Beaver and Otter: Open Water Techniques, by Charles Dobbins 1992. Beaver Pond Publishing and Printing, P.O. Box 224, Greenville, Pennsyulvania, 16125. 114 pages.
American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians: Resolution on Management of Feral Cats
Use of Zinc Phosphide for Marmot Control, by Mark Collinge, NADCA Northern Rockies Region Director, USDA-APHIS-ADC
Cat Colony Ordinance Adopted by Santa Clara County, California