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March 1997


Outwitting Urban Beaver, by C. E. "Ki" Faulkner, Regional Director, Region 0, NADCA
Bear Gets Attention in Southeast
Chinese disease Threatens Rabbits
Product Announcements: BEAR BE GONE™ -- a device designed to deter bears from foraging in trash cans.
Booklet: "Using Guard Animals to Protect Livestock"

Abstracts Published at the 3rd Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society:
A case study of black bear movements and survival after landfill closure in the central Adirondacks, by Ann M. Russell and S.L. Simek
Ecology of coyotes in a sheep ranching environment, by Ben N. Sacks, J.C.C. Neale, M. Jaeger, and D. R. McCullough
Design and analysis of carnivore scent-station surveys, by Glen Sargeant, Douglas H. Johnson, and William Berg
Public attitudes toward wildlife damage management, by Robert H. Schmidt, M.W. Brunson, andD. Reiter
Human dimensions of wildlife contraception, by Robert H. Schmidt and D. E. Mclvor
Economic assessment of rabies control efforts in Texas, by Randy M. Smith
Methyl salicylate: a naturally occurring avian repellent, by Shirley Wager-Page
A brief historical perspective on wildlife contraception research, by Robert J. Warren
Wildlife-caused losses to agriculture in 1994, by Alice P. Wywialowski