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April 1998


Thoughts... Robert H. Giles, Jr., President, NADCA
Vicar Takes Sunday Off to Join Hunt Marchers
Cat Contraceptive Approach Developed by Student Intern Michelle Meister-Weisbarth
California Trap Ban Initiative Submitted
Mourning Dove Debate Heats Up
Constitutional Amendment to require a "super majority" (2/3) vote on any wildlife issue on Utah Ballot
Sportsmen Gain Victory in New Jersey Case
NADCA Honors Wes Jones
WCFA Stands Up for Wildlife Management in New Mexico Case
Berryman Institute Announces 1998 Award Winners

More Reports From 4th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

The Use and Effectiveness of Various Predator Control Efforts at a Colonial Waterbird Rookery on Coastal Texas -- Richard T. Speer and ML. Lange
Conflicting Attitudes to the Management of Dangerous Suburban Wildlife in Australia -- Leoni K. Thomas andDarryl N. Jones
Hunting as a Damage Control Technique in Agriculture: Are We Harvesting the Right Deer? -- Kurt C. VerCauteren and Scott E. Hygnstrom
Forest Damage by Black Bears in Western Washington -- Gary W. Witmer, William B. Stewart, and Gary M. Koehler
A Two-Year Evaluation of Porcine Zona Pellucida as an Immunosterilant Vaccine for Coyotes -- Doris E. Zemlicka*, L A. Miller, B.E. Johns, and J. R. Mason
Explosive Growth of Giant Canada Goose Populations in the Mississippi Flyway -- Guy G. Zenner* and John C. Wood
Non-Target Response to Operational Strychnine Baiting and Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation to Reduce Pocket Gopher Populations in Southern Oregon -- Dale L. Nolte*, Abderrahim El Hani, andJ. Russell Mason
Mountain Beaver Response to Seedlings Planted Within Different Habitat Regimes -- Dale L. Nolte and K.K. Wagner
Mountain Lion Migration and Territoriality in Response to Distribution of Prey -- Becky M. Pierce*, Vernon C. Bleich, R. Terry Bower, and John D. Wehausen
Wildlife Secondary Toxicity Studies with Warfarin -- Richard Poche
Integrating Ecological and Human Dimensions in Developing Adaptive Management for Mountain Lions in Montana -- Shawn J. Riley*, Richard A. Malecki, and John J. McCarthy
Managing Predators to Enhance Populations of Birds and Small Mammals -- Frank C. Rohwer and Pamela R. Garrettson.
Development of Repellent Products to Reduce Cable-Gnawing Damage by Norther Pocket Gophers Stephen A. Shumake, Ray T. Sterner, and Stanley E. Gaddis