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August 1998


You Can't Win if You Don't Play -- Diane deLorimier, NADCA Regional Director, Western Region (Region 1), Sutton Ag Enterprises, Salinas, California
The 2nd Edition of the Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases in the Southeastern United States is now available for purchase.
Canadians Test Bone Oil as Coyote Repellent
Trap Injury Study Begins
Video review: "Intermediate Coyote Trapping" by Tom Beaudette of High Country Control. 1998.1-1/2 hours. VHS. $38.00
Arson Damages USDA Olympia Facilities
Important Ruling in Alaska Wolf Snare Dispute
Utah Man Charged for Poisoning Gulls
Girls Scouts Licensed to Kill Geese
Texas Animal Damage Control Service has changed its name to "Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service."
Cottontails Damage Landscaping
Beaver Removal Solves Golf Course Damage
Coyotes Cause Airport Hazard at Laredo, TX International Airport
Beaver Removal Necessary to Control Damage
Coyotes Spook Sheep, Cause Truck Accident
Rabies Aerial Baiting Program Concludes