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May 1999


As It Was in Region 5, 1949-1964 -- Clarence "Ki" Faulkner
NWCOA Holds First Board Meeting
Call for Papers-19th Vertebrate Pest Conference: March 6, 2000 - San Diego, California
Colorado County Bans Rodents
Oregon Hunters, Farmers Control Geese
Handbook Review: Wildlife Removal Handbook— A Guide to the Capture and Control of Wild Urban Animals. Revised and Expanded (1999) Authored by Stephen Vantassel. Reviewed by Rex E. Marsh, Wildlife Fish & Conservation Biology, University of California, Davis
Border Collie Loses Interest in Geese
Colorado Deer Herds Decline
Texas Wildlife Specialists Solve Predation Problems

Abstracts from the 5th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society

Wildlife-Caused Losses of Catfish in 1996: Is Wildlife Services Providing a Valuable Service for Producers? – A .P. Wywialowski
Responses to Regional and Emotional Information About a Trapping Ban Ballot Initiative -- H.C. Zinn and M J. Manfredo