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January 2000


Questionnaire: Should NADCA Continue, Change, or Disband? Officers Discuss Fate of Association: Synopsis of December Conference Call: NADCA's total paid membership as of Nov. 18 stood at 233 members, the lowest level in the Association's history. NADCA Members to Meet
THE PROBE will move to an every-othermonth publication schedule, effective immediately
Service Provided: Bird Remains ID'd: Smithsonian Institution, Division of Birds, Dr. Carla Dove and her staff, at no cost to the airport or aircraft owner, will identify bird remains which are sent in with the strike report (FAA Form 5200-7).
Book Review: "The Sacred Hunt: Hunting as a Sacred Path, An Anthology" by Randall L. Eaton, PhD., Ashland, OR: Sacred Press 1998. 206 pages (soft cover).
2000 Membership Directory

Abstracts from the 6th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society - September 1999, Austin, TX
Effectiveness of the Pennsylvania Cooperative Extension system in alleviating human/wildlife conflicts -- Falker, Shannon T.*, Margaret C. Brittingham, and Gary J. San Julian,
Wildlife health aspects of large mammal restoration -- Gaydos, Joseph K., and Joseph L. Corn
Mechanisms of territorial defense by coyotes: Scent-marking, howling, and confrontation -- Gese, Eric M.
Can animal protectionists and traditional wildlife control organizations work together? -- Hagood, Susan
Influence of dispersal on social ecology of coyotes: Comparison of a mainlandand an island population -- Harrison, Daniel J.
Habitat use and movement patterns of nuisance female elk in Arkansas -- Herner-Thogmartin, JenniferH*, and Kimberly G. Smith
Public health agency response to bat rabies: Is it good public service? -- Hicks, Alan C.
Outlook of levels of support for wildlife management in state and federal programs -- Higgenbotham, Billy J.
New directions and needs in research -- Higgins, Jessica
Island biogeography and feral pig disturbance of grassland -- Hone, Jim