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March 2000


Summary of NADCA Questionnaire Results
NADCA Discusses Future -- Bob Timm, PROBE Editor
Vern VerMass Receives Spalsbury Award
Las Vegas 2000 - One Man's View (The W.C.T. Seminary - February 2000) -- Erik W. Shaffer
Equipment Updates
Book Review: "Bird Management Field Guide: A Comprehensive Manual for Preventing and Resolving Pest Bird Problems" by Richard Kramer, Ph.D. (115pp, illustrated).
Woodstream Corp. Sold to Investment Group
Colorado Anti-Trap Measure Held Invalid
Moose, Motorcyclist Tangle
Eagle Bombards Car
Europe's Children Don't Know Wool from Cotton
Infected Cougar Shot in Oregon
Position Available: WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST - Bird Depredation Research, H. K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center, Stuttgart, AR
Thirsty Monkeys Stone Herdsman
Probe Editor Sought

Abstracts from the 6th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society:
Differences in landscape composition affect predator movement patterns and nest success of ducks in central North Dakota -- Horn, David/.*, Michael L. Phillips, William R. Clark, Rolf R. Koford, Marsha A. Sovada, and Raymond J. Greenwood
Nest predation and predator abundance along transmission line corridors in a fragmented landscape -- Hubbard, Tania, andR. Douglas Slack
Relationships among porcupines, pin yon pines, and bark beetles in the pinyon-juniper woodlands of the Edwards Plateau in Texas -- Use, Linda M., and Eric C. Hellgren
The impact of human encroachment on canine parvo virus and canine distemper virus in populations of Canis latrans -- Kindt, Kimberly S.
Resource partitioning between swift foxes and coyotes -- Kitchen, Ann M.*, and Eric M. Gese
Hantavirus in peridomestic populations of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) in western Montana -- Kuenzi, AmyJ.*, Richard J. Douglass, Don White, Jr., and Clifford W. Bond
Conflicts between people and commensal bats: Current and prospective methods for managing site-specific problems -- Laniewicz, Brian R.*, and Stephen C. Frantz
Resource agencies as effective sources of information on wildlife damage prevention and control: overcoming the obstacles -- Lowery, MarkD.*, and William F. Siemer
Behavioral adaptations of mule deer to urban environments -- McClure, Mark F., John A. Bissonette, and Michael R. Conover
Historical perspective of wildlife damage management -- Miller, James E.*, and Arthur E. Smith
The link between education and alleviating human-wildlife conflicts -- Owens, Rick D.*, and Douglas 1'. Hall
Prey selection by mountain lions and coyotes: Effects of hunting style, body size, and reproductive status -- Pierce, Becky M., Vernon C. Bleich.and R. Terry Bowyer
Population and home range estimates of an exploited nutria population in Dorchester County, Maryland -- Ras, Lara B.*, Dixie L. Bounds*, Joseph Margraf*, and Ed Soutiere