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July 2003


• Human/Wildlife Conflicts in Ethiopia -- Jeff Peter sen, Berryman Institute, Utah State University
• NADCA 2004 Election
• If the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) originated in Asia, why is this rat commonly called a Norway rat?
• Book Review: When Raccoons Fall through Your Ceiling: The Handbook for Coexisting with Wildlife by Andrea Dawn Lopez.
• Antarctic Scientist Dies in Seal Attack: Research scientist, Kirsty Brown was snorkelling in waters close to the Rothera Research Station as part of her studies when a Leopard seal pulled her under.
• Giant Lizards Spreading Through the Gulf Coast: Cape Coral, Florida has become a haven for Nile monitor lizards, and their population, which continues to grow, has possibly reached the thousands in the Gulf Coast city.
• Monkeypox Outbreak: An Alert
• NADCA 2004 Ballot