Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


Date of this Version

Winter 12-9-2000


Published in the Proceedings of 2000 Winter Simulation Conference


The dominance of the Internet in the development of information and communication technology has made Web-based distributed solutions increasingly attractive. Apart from providing other services, the World Wide Web is being looked upon as an environment for hosting modeling and simulation applications. SIMAN is a simulation language that allows users to simulate discrete and continuous systems. In this research, a web-based interface or toolkit has been developed for storing and executing SIMAN simulation models over the Internet. This toolkit consists of a World Wide Web interface to SIMAN and a web-accessible database for storing user models. It provides users an easy-to-use environment for developing text-based simulation models using the SIMAN simulation language. It also allows users to test the functionality of a SIMAN model using the SIMAN debugger/run controller.