Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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G.T. Mackulak, P. Savory, and J.K. Cochran (1994), “Ascertaining Important Features for Industrial Simulation Environments,” Simulation, Volume 63, No. 4, pp. 211-221.


Recent years have witnessed the development and commercial release of multiple simulation tools, environments, and intelligent simulators. Each release seems to contain additional advanced features designed to simplify simulation use and increase the productivity of model builders. But to date, no one has addressed feature definition from the viewpoint of a simulation practitioner. This paper discusses our efforts to identify and prioritize simulation features deemed most desirable from the practitioner viewpoint. A series of three questionnaires were developed and administered to a group of qualified simulation practitioners. With results that are of interest to simulation users, researchers, and simulation software developers, the survey responses reveal not only what practitioners feel are the most important features of presently available commercial packages, but also identify important areas for future development.