Industrial and Management Systems Engineering


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P. Savory, R.E. Williams, and R. Rasmussen (2001), “Combining Activity-Based Costing with the Simulation of a Cellular Manufacturing System,” Journal of Design and Manufacturing Automation. Volume 1, No. 3, pp. 221-229.


Discrete-event simulation is one of the most effective techniques for analyzing a manufacturing system. Unfortunately, little attention is given to using simulation models to estimate the economic impact of a proposed system configuration. This paper defines how activity-based costing (ABC) concepts can be incorporated into a discrete-event simulation model. Special emphasis is on demonstrating how decision making can be aided by having the simulation create a detailed “Bill of Activity” describing costs associated with manufacturing a part. The integration of ABC and simulation is illustrated by evaluating the impact of a proposed manufacturing cell configuration. The additional costing information aids in cell design, determining part sequencing and scheduling, and provides a quick evaluation of product mix changes for a part family.