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Insecta Mundi 0569: 1–27.


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A primitive subfamily of false click beetles (Coleoptera: Eucnemidae: Phlegoninae) distributed primarily in the Neotropical region is revised. Euryphlegon gen. nov. is described from Belize in Central America. New species include: Phlegon chiriquiensis sp. nov. (Panama), Phlegon panamensis sp. nov. (Panama), Euryphlegon jacqueschassaini sp. nov. (Panama) and Euryphlegon parallelus sp. nov. (Belize). Phlegon herculeanus (Lacordaire) stat. res. is resurrected from synonymy with Phlegon buqueti Laporte. One new combination is proposed: Euryphlegon degallieri (Muona) (Phlegon). Based on a number of observed external character traits, Euryphlegon is placed in Orodotini Muona, 1993 within Macraulacinae Fleutiaux, 1922. Identification keys are provided for species of Phlegon and Euryphlegon in the Neotropical region. The relationships among Phlegon, Euryphlegon, Euryptychus LeConte and other groups within Echthrogasterini Cobos, 1964 and Orodotini are discussed.