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Insecta Mundi 0748: 1–30


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The following new species of Eupogonius LeConte, 1852 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae) are described: E. tlanchinolensis Wappes and Santos-Silva (Mexico, Hidalgo); E. albofasciatus Wappes and Santos- Silva (Mexico, Puebla); E. sonorensis Wappes and Santos-Silva (Mexico, Sonora); E. guerrerensis Wappes and Santos-Silva (Mexico, Guerrero); E. boteroi Wappes and Santos-Silva (Mexico, Guerrero); E. nascimentoi Wappes and Santo-Silva (Mexico, Jalisco and Colima); and E. monzoni Wappes and Santos-Silva (Guatemala, Alta Verapaz). Additionally, a detailed description of the female of Eupogonius fulvovestitus Schaeffer, 1905 is provided for the first time, along with notes on the likely host of the species. New state records in Mexico are provided for Eupogonius comus Bates, 1885, and E. stellatus Chemsak and Noguera, 1995. Other taxonomic or nomenclatural actions included herein are: Eupogonius knabi Fisher, 1925 is transferred to Atelodesmis Chevrolat, 1841, new combination; the gender of the species-group name in Eupogonius azteca Martins, Santos-Silva and Galileo, 2015 is commented on; notes on the geographical distribution of Eupogonius affinis Breuning, 1942, and the problematic morphology of E. infimus (Thomson, 1868) are presented; Eupogonius subaeneus Bates, 1872, and E. marmoratus Fisher, 1925 are revalidated, and E. columbianus Breuning, 1942 is a new synonym of E. subaeneus”.