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December 2001


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Acaenitines have five genera and 18 species in North American forests (Townes 1960). Several of these occur in the eastern United States, but none is recorded from Florida; however, recent fieldwork in Florida yielded four species: Arotes decorus (Say), Spilopteron formosum (Cresson), S. occiputale (Cresson) and S. vicinum (Cresson) . These inhabit mature forests and attack wood-boring beetle larvae in dead trunks. There are no Florida host records, but Townes (1960) and Cushman and Rohwer (1920) report that in the northeastern states A. decorus was reared from Tomoxia (Mordellidae) in Carya (Juglandaceae), S. formosum from Bellamira (Cerambycidae) in Betula (Betulaceae), S. occiputale from Strangalina (Cerambycidae) in Quercus (Fagaceae) and S. vicinum from Leptura (Cerambycidae) in Pinus (Pinaceae).

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