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June 1997


Insecta Mundi, published by the Center for Systematic Entomology, is available online at Copyright © by Ahlmark and Steck.


A lonchaeid fly, Neosilba batesi, first described by Curran in 1932 from Guatemala, is here reported in Florida as of September 1994, a new U.S. record. Five larvae found infesting avocado fruit were reared to adults. The authors first identified the adults and our initial determination was confirmed by Dr. Al Norrbom of the Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA, Washington, D.C. A number of other specimens were subsequently collected and are recorded here as well. The species is probably a secondary invader of fruit, following initial attack by Anastrepha fruit flies, as observed in several other lonchaeid species (Curran, 1932; McAlpine and Steyskal, 1982; Souza et al., 1983).

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