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March 1998


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 12. Nos. 1 & 2. March-June. 1998. Copyright 1998 © by Spinelli and Grogan, Jr.

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This revision of the Neotropical predaceous midges of the genus Brachypogon (Brachypogon) Kieffer, recognizes 18 extant species, including the following 12 new species: Brachypogon (B.) apunctipennis, bifidus, bimaculatus, ecuadorensis, ethelae, insularis, monicae, pseudoparaensis, schmitzi, spatuliformis, telesfordi, and woodruffi. Two species groups are recognized, the fuscivenosus and irnpar groups. The hitherto unknown male of B. paraensis Wirth & Blanton is described and illustrated, and the female of that species as well as both sexes of B. impar (Johannsen) and B. fuscivenosus (Lutz) are redescribed and illustrated. Diagnoses are provided for previously described species, as well as a key for the recognition of all Neotropical species. New records of B. impar are from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina.

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