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March 1991


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 5, No. 1, March 1991. Copyright © 1991 by Spinelli and Wirth.

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The dentifemur and venustula groups of the subgenus Homobezzia Macfie, genus Bezzia Kieffer, are represented in the Neotropical Region by 12 species. A key is presented for their identification, and to distinguish them from other groups of the subgenus Homobezzia. The two previously known species, B. venustula (Williston) and B. snowi Lane, are described and illustrated, as well as the following ten new species: aitkeni, bromeliae, cayoensis, dentifemur, filiductus, fusca, mexicana, nigritibialis, pseudovenustula, and raposoensis. Bezzia concoloripes Made is regarded as a junior synonym of B. venustula (Williston).

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