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Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 6, No. 2, June, 1992. Copyright © 1992 by Wilson.

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Twenty nine species of Delphacidae are recorded from the Yukon Territory, Canada, two additional ones from an adjacent region of Northwest Territories, and one species from coastal Alaska. Two new genera are described: Aschedelphax Wilson and Yukonodelphax Wilson. Six new species are described: Aschedelphax hochae Wilson, Delphacodes anufrievi Wilson, D. emeljanovi Wilson, Javesella lla Wilson, Nothodelphax glacia Wilson, and Yukonodelphax kendallae Wilson. Aschedelphax coloradensis (Beamer), Javesella kilmani (Van Duzee), Yukonodelphax pediforma (Beamer) and Y. stramineosa (Beamer) are new combinations. Kusnezoviella matisi Anufriev and Emeljanov is a junior synonym of K. macleani Wilson and Delphacodes hyalina Beamer is a junior synonym of Nothodelphax albocarinata (Stil).

Of the 32 species included in the study, 18 have a Holarctic distribution - 10 of these are amphi-Beringian. The remaining 14 species are restricted to the Nearctic, 5 of these are recorded only from the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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