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March 1985


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 1, no. 2, March 1985. Copyright © 1986 Brown.

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The following described craneflies were discovered during ongoing research at the Museum of the University of Colorado in preparation of parts of the Colorado Natural History Inventory.

These Oligocene shale specimens are somewhat difficult to study. This is especially true of Limoniinae with lightly sclerotized veins. With proper illumination and a good binocular microscope, the veins often appear as glittering lines on the shale. The veins often are better seen when the specimen is placed so the veins are illuminated from one end. Sometimes the shale is so rough that this lighting does not improve their visibility.

The help of Dr. George W. Byers of University of Kansas was immeasurable during the preparation of this manuscript. He not only verified, or suggested, generic assignment but also prepared the illustrations of venation. Mrs. Grace H. Kemper, as usual, helped with measurements and processing of the manuscript.

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