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December 1986


Published in Insecta Mundi Vol. 1, no. 4, December 1986. Copyright © 1986 Johnson.

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This paper updates and summarizes the ant fauna of Alachua County, Florida, with two basic objectives. The first objective is presentation of a current, documented check-list consistent with existing taxonomy and an insight on species groups where taxonomic changes are likely in subsequent revisions. The second objection objective seeks to identify changes in the fauna since Van Pelt’s pioneer survey of 1948, and provide a basis for similar comparisons in the future.

The county consists of 902 square miles in north-central Florida and embraces essentially all inland habitats of the northern peninsula. This rich habitat variability is reflected in its ant fauna of 110 species. Few other regions of comparable size and latitude support a larger ant diversity also documented in part for greater than 50 years. A review of the earlier work, current taxonomic authorities, and questionable or rejected records precede the new list.

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