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INTSORMIL Impact (July 1, 2008).


INTSORMIL/CENTA El Salvador scientist, Vilma Calderon (right), won third place for her paper presented at the 53rd annual meeting of the PCCMCA (El Programa Cooperativo Centroamericano para el Mejoramiento de Cultivos y Animales) held in San José, Costa Rica April 14-18, 2008. Vilma’s paper entitled “Nutritional Quality of Whole Sorghum in Different Food Applications” demonstrated how people from different cultures utilize sorghum as a human food and how sorghum is a nutritional alternative for inclusion in the diet of people in developing countries. With INTSORMIL support Vilma has been conducting research on the utilization of sorghum for human consumption at CENTA in El Salvador.

This research is timely. Worldwide, the price of wheat and other cereals is rapidly increasing and there is great concern for food security globally. This situation provides an excellent opportunity to promote and stimulate the use of sorghum for the preparation of food products. Sorghum is a cheaper grain, of high quality, locally grown in Central America and easy to process. The utilization of sorghum can reduce the importation cost of wheat and other cereals.