International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program (INTSORMIL CRSP)




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In Nicaragua, Sorghum grain has been a crops using only for animal feed. Fortunately Scientifics have been researched about its nutritional sorghum grain properties and some of the country that they have been interested to bring the technology about sorghum flour has been Nicaragua because its growths in 3 big areas; in the north, south and west region. Now, that is knew their characteristics and others, so INTA and INTSORMIL are diffusing the technology about sorghum flour to increase the production of sorghum grain, reduce the cost production of bread and some ethnics drinks, to improve the food security and finally to increase production and utilization of sorghum grain in this country.

Is very important for countries of Central America region to know all the way that sorghum can be used, for example it can be used for drinks, bread, bear, tortillas, snacks etc. and people has demonstrated acceptation for the products.

There are economical and nutritional opportunities to offer sorghum grain. INTA has to be approach to diffuse technology for all the regions where sorghum growth in Nicaragua moreover, FAO has consider sorghum a group of food that can guaranty the safety food.