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The purpose of the weed watch list is to collect data on the distribution of invasive plants found in various Nebraska counties. Counties were divided up into ‘ecoregions’ based on the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission’s Legacy Plan (map of regions below). The plants in the watch list have been identified based on their invasiveness in surrounding states and their increasing range in Nebraska. Data collected on watch list plant species distribution has been used to support the listing or delisting of noxious weeds. Plant species in the weed watch list are categorized based on early detection and rapid response potential. These Categories are: Category 1 plants - species not known to exist in each ecoregion, but pose a significant risk if introduced; Category 2 plants – species are top priority for eradication of new and existing populations; and Category 3 plants-species established and prevention of spread to new areas is a priority. An asterisk (*) denotes a plant that is listed as a county noxious weed in one or more counties in an ecoregion. New plant species added in 2022 are highlighted in yellow. Complete lists of invasive plants and noxious weeds can be accessed at the Nebraska Invasive Species Program website: