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The month of March 2008 saw a record number of downloads from (73,204) and uploads to (814) the Digital Commons. Of 12,663 available open-access articles, 9,138 were downloaded at least once (72.2%). Overall, articles averaged 5.78 downloads for the month.

The 15 Most-Downloaded, March 2008:

The Probe, Issue 213 – November/December 2000 (3,523 downloads) — Monthly newsletter of the National Animal Damage Control Association. This issue is so amazingly popular because it contains a product review of the “Collarum,” a non-lethal device for capturing coyotes and stray or feral dogs. All those Internet users that you didn’t know were dogs may be downloading this to figure out how to beat the trap.

The Constitutions of the Free-Masons (1734). An Online Electronic Edition (329 downloads) – Ben Franklin’s edition of James Anderson’s early work on Masonic history, rules, and governance. This document has been found and linked to by numerous Masonic chapter sites worldwide.

Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Organisational Commitment of Library Personnel in Academic and Research Libraries in Oyo State, Nigeria (227 downloads) – by Adeyinka Tella, University of Botswana, C.O. Ayeni, Federal College of Forestry Library, Ibadan, Nigeria, and S.O. Popoola, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, from the electronic journal Library Philosophy and Practice, April 2007. [We host the backlist for LP&P, which is edited by Mary Bolin of the UNL Libraries.]

Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection Bibliography - Volume II: English and European Languages (2000) (221 downloads) – Online guide to the Afghanistan collection at University of Nebraska–Omaha Library; compiled by Shaista Wahab, collection curator.

Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Physical Abuse (219 downloads) – by Robin Robin Malinosky-Rummell, West Virginia University, and David J. Hansen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, from Psychological Bulletin 114:1 (1993).

Justice According to Law (196 downloads) — by Roscoe Pound, an essay from The Midwest Quarterly 1914.

Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Development: A Current Awareness Bibliography (187 downloads) — by Sue Ann Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, D. Landry, LUMCON Marine Center, and J. Riley, LUMCON Marine Center. (LUMCON is Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium). Compiled October 1994, 219 pages.

Poética de lo Soez: Luis Rafael Sánchez: Identidad y Cultura en América Latina y en el Caribe (175 downloads) – 2006 PhD dissertation by Julio César Sánchez Rondón, University of Nebraska, Dept. of Modern Languages.

Electronic Rodent Repellent Devices: A Review of Efficacy Test Protocols and Regulatory Actions (153 downloads) — by Stephen A. Schumake, USDA Denver Wildlife Research Center, from the National Wildlife Research Center Repellents Conference 1995. (Basically, they don’t work: “marginal repellency,” “rapid habituation”).

Rodents as a Food Source (144 downloads) — by Lynwood A. Fiedler, USDA Denver Wildlife Research Center, from Proceedings of the Fourteenth Vertebrate Pest Conference 1990. (Eating them, on the other hand, does seem to work.) Blogged by food writer Jesse Sharrad in January.

Nebraska Folk Cures (137 downloads) — by Pauline Monette Black; published in 1935 in the Nebraska Studies in Language, Literature, and Criticism series, edited by Louise Pound. (Includes many medicinal uses for cow dung.)

Coyote and Wolf Habitat Use in Northwestern Montana (134 downloads) — by Wendy M. Arjo, USDA Denver Wildlife Research Center, and Daniel H. Peltscher, University of Montana; published in Northwest Science 78 (2004). How coyotes adapt to the re-introduction of wolves around Glacier National Park.

A Description of New England (1616): An Online Electronic Text Edition (133 downloads) — by Capt. John Smith. An early rose-colored picture of the region before large-scale English colonization. A 76-page ebook.

Pigeon Associated People Diseases (130 downloads) — by Walter Weber; from the Bird Control Seminars Proceedings 1979. “Feral pigeons have been identified with mycotic, bacterial, protozoal, chlamydial, rickettsial, and parasitic diseases as well as dermatosis.”

The Wonders of the Invisible World. Observations as Well Historical as Theological, upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils (1693) (120 downloads) — by Cotton Mather, edited by Reiner Smolinski; history and apologia for the Salem witchcraft crisis. A 200-page ebook.

Note that only three of these were published after 1/1/2001.

A listing of the 168 articles downloaded 40 or more times (with links) is included.