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Final Report, Joint Fire Science Program. Project ID: 05-4-1-23


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This project was conducted in response to the need identified under Task 1 (RFP 2005-4)—extension of technology transfer activities beyond the conclusion of successfully completed JFSP funded projects or other applicable wildland fire research. Development of the BehavePlus fire modeling system and the FlamMap fire behavior analysis and mapping system and supporting technology transfer material was funded in part under JFSP project #98-1-8-02. After successful completion of that project, development of those systems and supporting material continued under other funding. FlamMap was used in JFSP project #01-1-3-21 “Cumulative effects of fuel management on landscape-scale fire behavior and effects.” A significant amount of technology transfer material has been developed to support these systems. The proposal described the need for additional material to cover expanded capabilities. Development of technology transfer material for BehavePlus will continue under Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management funding. The structure developed for this JFSP project will facilitate continuing work.