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Journal of Actuarial Practice Volume 7, Nos. 1 and 2, 1999


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Journal of Actuarial Practice ISSN 1064-6647



A Study Note on the Actuarial Evaluation of Premium Liabilities • Claudette Cantin and Philippe Trahan (First Prize)

Recognizing Actuarial Assumptions • Victoria Stachowski and Alice Underwood (Second Prize)

Commissioners Annuity Reserve Valuation Method (CARVM) • Keith P. Sharp (Third Prize)

CARVM and NAIC Actuarial Guidelines 33 & 34 • Keith P. Sharp

Multilife Premium Calculation with Dependent Future Lifetimes • Michel Denuit and Anne Cornet

A Fuzzy Approach to Grouping by Policyholder Age In General Insurance • Richard J. Verrall and Yakoub H. Yakoubov

Determination of Optimal Premiums as a Constrained Optimization Problem • Farrokh Guiahi

Credibility Calculations Using Analysis of Variance Computer Routines • H. Dennis Tolley, Michael D. Nielsen, and Robert Bachler

A Saddlepoint Approximation for Tail Probabilities In Collective Risk Models • Dale Borowiak

Editor - Colin Ramsay, University of Nebraska. Associate Editors: Robert Brown, University of Waterloo ○ Cecil Bykerk, Mutual of Omaha ○ Ruy Cardoso, Actuarial Frameworks ○ Samuel Cox, Georgia State University ○ David Cummins, University of Pennsylvania ○ Robert Finger, Retired ○ Charles Fuhrer, The Segal Company ○ Farrokh Guiahi, Hofstra University ○ Steven Haberman, City University ○ Merlin Jetton, Retired ○ Eric Klieber, Buck Consultants ○ Edward Mailander, WeIlpoint Health Networks ○ Charles McClenahan, Mercer Oliver Wyman ○ Robert Myers, Temple University ○ Norman Nodulman, Retired ○ François Outreville, United Nations ○ Timothy Pfeifer, Milliman USA ○ Esther Portnoy, University of Illinois ○ Robert Reitano, John Hancock Financial Services ○ Alice Rosenblatt, WeIlpoint Health Networks ○ Arnold Shapiro, Penn State University ○ Elias Shiu, University of Iowa ○ Michael Sze, Sze Associates Ltd. ○ Joseph Tan, National Actuarial Network ○ Ronnie Tan, Great Eastern Life ○ Richard Wendt, Tower Perrin. Margo Young, Technical Editor