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American Ornithological Union, press release, August 21, 2012.


The 2012 Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award is presented by the American Ornithological Union to Paul A. Johnsgard for his outstanding contributions to the conservation of the Great Plains of North America. Few living ornithologists have written as widely about birds, been more instrumental in promoting awareness of birds generally and the Great Plains avifauna specifically, or have influenced the public more than Paul A. Johnsgard.

The Great Plains of North America is one of the most imperiled landscapes in the world. The birds that depend upon these fragile habitats are being lost. Without the support of the public, policy-makers, local governments and others, no conservation program can hope to be successful. This support can only be garnered through education, as people will only conserve what they understand and appreciate. Through his lifetime of writing, photography, drawing, lecturing, teaching, research, and television productions, Paul A. Johnsgard has tirelessly presented a message of how important it is to understand, appreciate and conserve the birds of the Great Plains and their habitats. Hardly any ornithologist alive today has reached as many readers with the important message that nature is exciting and that our rich natural heritage must be preserved for future generations.

The Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award recognizes extraordinary scientific contributions to the conservation, restoration, or preservation of birds and/or their habitats.

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