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Presentation for Professor Stacy James' course for advertising majors, Fall 2010.


Built in 1967 to commemorate the state’s Centennial year, Lincoln’s Centennial Mall is the open pedestrian mall area spanning from the Capitol Building on K Street north to the Nebraska State Historical Society on R Street. Managed by the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, the Mall has been the site for many important political and social events, including Robert Kerry’s announcement for his candidacy for President as well as local festivals and functions like Rib Fest and World Day on the Mall. But, as of 2010, the once-grand fountains have been mostly filled in, the steps are not handicapped accessible, the concrete is quickly deteriorating and pedestrian traffic is at a low.

Lincoln’s Clark and Enersen Partners architecture firm head the upcoming Centennial Mall Renovation Project. In its new form, the Mall will now be called Nebraska’s Centennial Mall.The project plans to restore Nebraska’s Centennial Mall with more pedestrian-friendly structure, more green spaces and new landscaping, incorporating themes of Nebraska’s past, present and future to create a space all Nebraskans can be proud of. This campaign is planned to raise awareness of the project among Nebraskans and people who live in Lincoln and use the Mall regularly.

As the fundraising for this privately funded-project wraps up in 2011, the new Mall will need to have a fresh set of promotional materials and messages to announce its groundbreaking, its on-going construction over several years and, ultimately, its “grand re-opening.” These materials and messages are outlined in an integrated marketing communications project by B. Bach Advertising.